Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No car is safe...unless you don't drive safely !!!

By Nilantha Bandara,
14th of Nov.

If you think the car is safer in the road, but think twice...
No car can rescue unless you drive your car may be worlds safest car in the planet but you don't obey the road rules & discipline yourself then it's the end of your journey.
Especially drink alcohol and driveis very very dangerous because then you tends to speed up and that happens unconsciously while your reaction time for obstacles in front & for breaks takes more time.
A millisecond of lateness of above can create a disaster,

Have a look at below pictures of Audi,Ferrari, Hummer 12, Lamborgini diablo, Mercedes, Honda,Ford cars for a while..they even can't identify the brand name..

Have a safe journey....

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